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Heavy Duty Tablet Belt

Heavy Duty Tablet Belt
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  • iPad Holster Waist
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The Heavy Duty Belt Clip is a combination of the Tablet Belt Clip with the addition of a Heavy Duty Belt. It is designed for heavy use, and can be worn for long periods of time. Comfort is the main feature with this product as it is made with a solid foam core, and fits snuggly around the waist distributing the weight of the device.

Belt Sizes:

  • Small        =       26-32″  Waist
  • Medium    =       32-38″  Waist
  • Large        =       38-44″  Waist

Belt Features:

  • Foam Inner for Padding
  • Outer Belt for Tight Fit

Benefits Include:

The Heavy Duty Belt Clip allows you to easily carry a tablet comfortably around your waist like any other tool

Easy to assemble Mounting Plate secured with VHB™ peel and bond adhesive [Tensile Strength 90lbs sq/in]

Buckle Mechanism locks tablet to hip when not in use

Quick-Press release button allows instant access to tablet in less than 1 second

Security Cord [included] prevents dropping to avoid costly delays in repair

Reduces the probability of loss and theft

Perfect for jobs that require two hands by freeing up an “additional hand”

Ideal for: Builders – Adjusters – Inspectors – Roofers – Electricians – HVAC – Service Tech – Landscapers  – Field Workers – Agricultural Professionals

*Comes with additional Metal Clip

Additional Information

Case Type

Universal (iPad), Android

Belt Size

Large, Medium, Small

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