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We recently partnered with OtterBox for their new uniVERSE Case System. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a new Module attachment which allows a user to connect our Belt Clip and SlingMount™ directly into the uniVERSE Case. The new design makes our products lighter yet just as durable, plus you can add things like extra storage, battery power, and keyboards, securely to the case. Watch Video Below for more Info!


Expand your tablet’s features with the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. The uniVERSE case features two slotted rails and a center mount, letting you securely attach and easily swap out powerful partner modules like extended batteries, card readers, hand straps, mounts, keyboards and more — without removing your case.

OtterBox partnered with the world’s leading consumer electronic brands to create an entirely new platform. With the uniVERSE Case System, you get the specialized capabilities of our module partners — backed by trusted Otterbox protection.


Customization is central to the uniVERSE Case System. Pick and choose between an ever-expanding selection of modules that turn your tablet into a modern register, solar charger, air sensor and more.

Swap modules from your phone to your tablet for extended functionality.* Modules mount easily and securely to your uniVERSE case. Just slide off the removable accent plates, slide on modules and start growing your business.

*Not all modules are cross-compatible. Check with module manufacturer for more details.