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Increase the Safety and Productivity of your Mobile Workforce with our Patented Carrying Solutions.

Tablet Belts & Slings

Magic 2-Second Rule

“If you can’t access your device in less than two seconds, your use for the device goes exponentially down.”

— Thad Starner, Google



Hands Free Functionality

Device Access in 1 Second

Reduce Dropped & Broken Devices

Works with ALL Standard Device Cases

Universal Tablet Belt Clip

The new Tablet Belt Clip is a huge leap forward in our product line. It can be mounted on the back of all standard tablet cases (OtterBox, LifeProof, Tridente), plus, the low profile hip pad can easily fit onto any belt or waist size. This is a universal solution suited for individuals or an entire workforce. The clip component is modular, and can be interchanged with the SlingMount.™

Product Components:

Universal Tablet SlingMount™

The SlingMount™ makes it easy to turn any standard tablet case into an over the shoulder sling. Simply attach the mounting plate to the back of your case, and then attach the sling component. You’ll no longer have to carry around a bulky bag and fumble to find your tablet. Now you can take pictures, insert headphones, and charge your device on the go! Available in Regular and Mini.

Product Components:

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Solutions for:


construction workers using a tablet in the field

Industries across the board are mandating the use of tablets throughout their workforce to increase productivity, communication, and workflow. Unfortunately, many of the benefits are not fully realized due to the ergonomics of having to carry technology. Our solutions will help you get the most out of your mobile workforce.


healthcare professionals using a tablet for mobile medical analysis

Hospitals and heath care centers are quickly replacing rolling computers with mobile networks. Fast access to medical information and patient records is crucial in an environment where seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Our solutions allow medical professionals to keep their hands free to care for patients.


service tech professional using a mobile tablet in the field

Field service professionals from HVAC to Elevator Repair now use mobile devices to troubleshoot, document, and bill customers. Often they carry additional tools needed for the job and tablets are an added burden. Our heavy duty belts allow users to carry a tablet along with traditional tools.


mobile professional on the go using a tablet

This is a broad category that includes Entertainment, Logistics, Education, Financial Services, Transportation, Inspection, and Security to name a few. No matter what industry you are in, the way you present yourself is a vital part of your success. We designed our products to ensure you always look your best.


Made in the USA

The HipClip™ and SlingMount™ are manufactured and assembled in high end facilities outside Austin, Texas. Quality and Safety are our highest priorities. We don’t just make it bigger in Texas, we make it better!

Ships Globally

We serve and ship to individuals and companies all over the globe. Using FedEx International Economy, you will receive your order in 2-3 business days anywhere in the world. Other options are available upon request.

US & International Patents

Our innovations are protected by Granted US Utility and Design Patents. International Patents have been filed in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. Protection serviced by KramerAmado, P.C., in Alexandria, VA.

1-Year Warranty

We take pride in building Tough, Durable products and offer a 1 year warranty with all purchases. If you find any manufacturer defects, please contact us to exchange for new products or receive a full refund.



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** The HipClip is in pre-production and will be ready October 2016.
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** The SlingMount is in pre-production and will be ready October 2016.
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