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Products Overview

Universal Tablet & iPad Work Belts, Shoulder Slings and Mobile Organizers

Is your company going mobile? Did you spend a fortune on devices and software in order to streamline your business? Great! You made the right decision! Now it’s time to implement. The plan is to have your workforce carry their new devices all day, everyday, right? Not so fast, you might be overlooking something. The truth is that your workforce won’t be able to perform many of their usual tasks and carry a tablet at the same time. Bottom line, since the value of mobility is based on carrying technology with you, how your carry that technology is an important part of the equation.

We design and make Tablet & iPad Holsters, Shoulder Slings, and Mobile Organizers to carry devices, and “tools of the trade,” safely and securely. Our innovative products have been developed to be Tough, Lightweight, Fashionable and Ergonomic. Watch the Demo Video below to see how RUNNUR’s Mobile Tech Gear can increase the safety and productivity of your Workforce.

tablet holsters tablet slings mobile organizers


Hands-Free Functionality

Two hands are better than one. Since most tasks require us to use both hands, dedicating one hand to carrying a mobile device limits our ability to perform those tasks (especially, when you are using your hands to work). Being hands free is more than a catchphrase, it plays an integral part of productivity: Two hands are more valuable than one.


Device Access in 1 Second

While traditional bags and packs allow you to be hands free, they take an average of 5 -12 seconds to access the device. Since most mobile professionals access their device between 50 to 100 times a day, that leads to a lot of wasted time. Our solutions allow you to access your device from a hands free position in less than 1 second, saving countless hours of fumbling.


Reduce Dropped & Broken Devices

The cost of dropped and broken devices is $4 billion in the US alone. It is a huge expense for companies with large workforces. Even using a bag or pack, you will likely to drop the device pulling it in and out so many times a day. Our tether system and sling mount are designed to virtually eliminate dropped and broken devices altogether, saving you $$$$.