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Our Story

Our Story


It has been an interesting journey for sure. Originally, Andrew, the inventor and CEO, did not like the fact he had to carry so much stuff in his pockets. Since the idea of wearing a fanny pack was not really an option, he took it upon himself to design what is now known as the Hands Free Carry-All.  He traveled far and wide to music festivals, street fairs, and trade shows across the country. It was at these shows where he engaged directly with customers, and kept hearing the same question over and over: “Can you make it carry my iPad?” Seeing a trend towards mobile, Andrew moved from Austin to San Francisco to develop what is now know as the Tablet Tool Belt. Soon, a team was formed, and companies like SXSW and Circuit of the Americas were asking for the products. Today, Andrew & his team are back in Austin building products for Governments, Construction, Healthcare, Logistics, and Oil & Gas.




Andrew is an inventor and career entrepreneur. Before he found his calling building gear to carry mobile devices, he sold shoes and water filtration systems. The skills he picked up along the way have proved invaluable as a salesman. His unique understanding of body mechanics comes from his years training as a manual therapist. He has pioneered and developed a full line of ergonomic solutions for carrying mobile devices in effort to improve how people and workforces interact with technology. Outside of work Andrew is an avid surfer and stone sculptor.


Vice President

Jack has over 30 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, sales and business development within the consumer products arena. Having had the opportunity of working with some of the finest executives out of GE, Black & Decker, Phillips, Texas Instruments and other Fortune 500 companies throughout his career, he has developed a strong aptitude for effectively positioning a product’s intent within the consumer’s mind. As a consequence, he has generated well over $300 million in new product introductions at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Sam’s and dozens of other retail chains.



Marilyn is a versatile management professional with over a dozen years of operational experience as CFO for mission-based organizations in both healthy and distressed financial and funding environments. She oversees all financial planning and management that keep operations on budget. Outside of work, she has won multiple awards for her artwork and book projects.


Account Executive

Jane’s strong background in marketing, presentation and promotion gives her a unique perspective working with customer accounts. As an entrepreneur, Jane owned and operated Shiki, an upscale Austin boutique for over 11 years. Her ability to work closely with customers and suppliers, listen to specific needs, communicate clearly and devise solutions keeps our customers happy. With Jane’s enthusiasm, energy, and focus, your customer experience is certain to be positive and productive.


Social Media

Nicole is a Digital Marketer and Content Strategist who specializes in helping innovative businesses elevate their online presence. She was the Digital Marketing Manager at C3, Content Marketing Lead at Able Lending, and works as the Marketing Lead at Astrotech. Her experience allows us to create industry specific content that is relevant and engaging. Outside of work, you can find her hiking with her iBand, riding her bike, yoga-ing, going to shows, museum hopping, or devouring a book!


Tech Lead

Ryan’s background includes a variety of technology, digital media, and marketing ventures. He has consulted for over 10 years in the areas of website information architecture, search engine optimization, content marketing, HTML5 / CSS3, conversion rate optimization, WordPress management, and more. Currently his focus is dedicated to B2B enterprise online commerce and international product engagement.